Whilst a large front of all our projects at Goss & Partners, are in the private residential sector, we do not refrain from tackling larger, more diverse projects. 

Urban Planning is a key necessity when design on large open scales, where the design of a whole area is paramount to the character and design of the locality. Therefore, our practice is capable of drafting urban site plans and conceptual massing of large scale designs, and integrating them into the context of the area. 

A recent project undertaken, was the urban integration of a mixed use hybrid building in Peckham London. This building was set to house 50 luxury apartments, as well as leisure and retail facilities. The site has to be designed to integrate into the culture of the borough, and react seamlessly with the design. 

If you are planning a major development, call our practice today on 01489 307201, to discuss how we can help develop your design requirements. We also offer full planning, technical design and project management for large scale construction. 




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Architecture, Urbanism and Residential Design

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