Planning Granted at St Pauls

It's been a tedious game of cat and mouse on this application...

We were contacted back in August of 2019, by a private client, with views to extend their modest residential property. The aim was to add a simple two storey extension, which followed the design precedent of their existing house... nothing too fancy!

However, after careful consideration, and 4 months of design development, we submitted planning for this extension in January 2020. Fast forward 9 months... and here we are. After undergoing the most stressful planning consultation, and the poor service given by the LPA we have finally reached a decision.

It was a joyous day when we were able to approach our client and inform them on their success. Unfortunately due to timelines and issues relating to Covid, work on site has had to be postponed until the new year, but we hope to update you as work progresses. Stay tuned.