Peckham Masterplan Finalised

This week, our wonderful team has worked tirelessly on this project to see it through to completion and get it ready for the next stage.

With the global pandemic in progress, and the whole world entering panic mode, it has been a challenging time for us at Goss & Partners. We were unsure if we were going to remain open, and to the extent that we could complete our projects.

However, due to the resilience of our team and the passion we all have for architecture, they have all worked from home on various schemes to do with our Peckham Project.

The Peckham masterplan seeks to add residential units for 50 flats, primarily 1 & 2 bedroom dwellings, with the addition of some luxury penthouses. It also seeks to add bowling and leisure amenities, as well as dining and nightlife facilities.

The project is going to look at focusing on the rundown Greenland space of Jocelyn Park, in North Peckham, London. We are proposing an urban design redevelopment which adds useable green-space and offers outdoor activities such as tennis and basketball.

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