After a tough planning procedure, Goss & Partners have obtained planning consent for one of our latest projects.

Foyle Park is a private residence in the suburbs of Basingstoke. We were first contacted in August of 2019 to provide a design and planning scheme for the property. Over a year down the line - the build can now commence.

The idea behind the scheme was to add a large single storey rear and side extension as well as a two storey side extension to double the footprint of the property. The proposal would add a generous master bedroom with ensuite as well as a bespoke new kitchen and dining facility.

Once the design process was complete in January 2020, we pitched our scheme to Basingstoke Council, and could never have guessed the unfavourable process, which was due to hit us. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 restrictions the planning process was extended from an estimated timeframe of 8 weeks to a staggering 32 weeks, when we finally were granted consent in September 2020.

Thank fully there were no problems with the design, and once operations were running smoothly again, it sailed through with green lights, giving the client exactly what they had asked for. The project will now be passed onto the clients own building company, JB Carpentry Ltd, who aim to commence construction on the project very shortly.

We wish them all the success in their future endeavours.

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After a tough planning procedure, Goss & Partners have obtained planning consent for one of our latest projects.

Bradley Peak is a private residential in the suburbs of Winchester, where we were contacted by a couple to provide a design appraisal for their new extension.

The brief was to add a large 'L-Shape' single storey extension to the front of the property to add an additional lounge, a new kitchen and a large double depth garage. The design also introduced the expansion of the rear to add a further floor to a single storey annexe, to create a new master bedroom.

Once our design was complete, and satisfied the needs of the client, we pitched our scheme to Winchester Council for planning consent. Unfortunately due to the developments with Covid-19, this process took longer than usual and became irritable towards the end, however we satisfied the needs and delivered this project with planning consent to our client in May 2020.

Once we had obtained planning, we were then contracted by our client to complete the building regulations for the project, by undertaking the technical appraisal and working with our engineer, to come up with a buildable scheme.

The project is now currently out for tender, and the client hopes to start with the main contractor within the coming month.

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This week, our wonderful team has worked tirelessly on this project to see it through to completion and get it ready for the next stage.

With the global pandemic in progress, and the whole world entering panic mode, it has been a challenging time for us at Goss & Partners. We were unsure if we were going to remain open, and to the extent that we could complete our projects.

However, due to the resilience of our team and the passion we all have for architecture, they have all worked from home on various schemes to do with our Peckham Project.

The Peckham masterplan seeks to add residential units for 50 flats, primarily 1 & 2 bedroom dwellings, with the addition of some luxury penthouses. It also seeks to add bowling and leisure amenities, as well as dining and nightlife facilities.

The project is going to look at focusing on the rundown Greenland space of Jocelyn Park, in North Peckham, London. We are proposing an urban design redevelopment which adds useable green-space and offers outdoor activities such as tennis and basketball.

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