At Goss & Partners we believe that architecture derives from a synthesis of all the elements that separately comprise and inform the character of a building. Whether that be the structure that holds it up; the services and infrastructure put in place; the conservation and ecology; the relationship to nature and the quality of natural light; the concept and the form; the evolution of streetscape; circulation through it; and the connection it has with the people who stand before it. By using our dedicated team from the start of a project, we combine our knowledge to devise integrated, sustainable design solutions. 


At Goss & Partners, we specialise in residential architecture, for primarily private clients. We take on a large array of projects, from small extensions to new build houses. 

We pride ourselves on offering a sophisticated design process which engages with our client at all stages. Having an advanced use of digital software, we can bring residential designs to life through the power of CGI to create dynamic visual shots. 

All of our designs can be submitted for planning by ourselves or passed over for the client to deal with. 



As well as supporting our private clients, we also deal with a variety of commercial clients and properties, who all require a tailored, bespoke design solution. 

Each projects varies in shape, size and requirement, and deserved a bespoke service in order to provide the best approach possible. Whether you are in need of a new warehouse, or an office re-fit, our team at Goss & Partners will have the solution for you. 

Our dedicated team can take on any project you may have, and can show you a variety of work from our portfolio, for barns, retail spaces, warehousing and offices. Get in touch to tailor a package to your needs. 

Industrial Building


Acting as a catalyst for thought leadership at the practice, the Sustainability Group looks at ways to advance our sustainable design processes. Working directly with the design teams, it delivers insight, informs direction, and measures improvements, to develop a sustainable vision for projects carried out by the practice.

Sustainability has always been at the heart of what we do. With an ever-changing global scenario, the buildings of tomorrow must comply to the new standard for design and sustainability. At Goss & Partners, we seek to find the correct solution for each design project, and find ways to integrate solutions in the most minimalistic ways.

Modern House


Whilst a large front of all our projects at Goss & Partners, are in the private residential sector, we do not refrain from tackling larger, more diverse projects. 

Urban Planning is a key necessity when design on large open scales, where the design of a whole area is paramount to the character and design of the locality. Therefore, our practice is capable of drafting urban site plans and conceptual massing of large scale designs, and integrating them into the context of the area. 

If you are planning a major project, then call our team on 01489 307201 for more information. 

Urban Gardens


Prior to breaking ground on-site, all designs must be signed off by Building Control. Here at Goss & partners we have the facilities to implement all technical design and produce technical construction drawings needed for the build. 

We have a wealth of knowledge on structural systems and work very closely with structural engineers to oversee all our details. 

Whether your project is big or small, it will be necessary that building regulations are followed in accordance, and supplementary drawings are produced. For more information on technical design please ask. 



The transition from design to construction, can often be an overwhelming experience and not for the faint hearted. Dealing with contractors can be difficult, and often time consuming. 

That is why we work closely alongside our clients to support them throughout construction. Whether you require us to be on hand for the whole duration to manage, or just a phone call away for any technical advice, we are here to help

Each project is different, and everyones needs fluctuate. However, we are available to tender for projects, produce construction phase plans, lease with builders, manage on site and a variety of remedial jobs. 

Architect hold plans


Being a digital practice, we like to work primarily with animation and CGI (Computer Generated Imaging). This enables us to use BIM software to create realistic views of your design, before it is constructed and still in the design phase. 

This allows you to explore you design and make alterations as the design progresses, giving an interactive experience like to other. 

We can produce different scenarios and create walkthrough videos to aid with imagination. These can also be used after design for marketing and advertisement benefits. 



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