Goss & Partners recognises that its operational activities and services can have an impact on its employees, clients, the wider community and the environment. 

In all of our activities, working practices and business relationships we are committed to continual environmental improvement and prevention of pollution through implementation of this policy.

We aim to:-
Minimise our consumption of resources and raw materials
Minimise emissions and reduce energy consumption
Minimise waste from our activities and promote recycling
Purchase from suppliers who share our concern for the environment and whenever possible, purchase and use recyclable products or products from sustainable sources
Meet or exceed all environmental legislation that relates to the Company
Exercise a positive influence with the industry through our awareness raising and behaviour changing activities

We will do this by:-
Complying with and wherever possible, exceeding all relevant environment legislation
Implementing a system to monitor and measure our impact on the environment
Continuing to integrate environmental aims into our business planning process for ongoing improvement
Actively communicating with employees and external contacts on our environmental programme and engaging with them to achieve good environmental practice
Monitoring our progress with periodic reviews and set targets for improvement
Review and revise this policy as necessary at regular intervals